Soap Sampler Box

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Handmade in Denmark

6 mini soaps (45g x 6)

1 soap saver bag

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Our soap sampler box contains 6 mini soaps, selection will vary depending on stock, and a soap saver bag. If you have a preference e.g. if you prefer fresh scents or don’t like salt soaps, leave a note and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

This box is perfect if you want to try a variation of our soaps but it is also great as a gift for any soap lover.


6 mini soaps (45g each)

1 soap saver bag (organic cotton)

All in one box ready to gift.

Our bar soap is made using the cold process metode lightly scented with safe synthetic fragrances.
Our soap is vegan-friendly and contains no palm oil, it is handcrafted in small limited batches by us in our studio.
Made with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic locally sourced rapeseed oil.
Due to the nature of soap crafting, no two batches or bars will look the same.

How to use it:
Wet the soap briefly under the tab.
Lather up in your hands and rinse.
Store on a soap dish to let it dry between uses, this will make it last longer.

Our soap philosophy:
We aim to makes soap that are great for you as well as the planet, by using as few non-local oils and butters in out soap as possible.
This may make our soaps seem less “fancy” but we promise that our soaps won’t disappoint and will feel and work just as great.
We use skin safe synthetic fragrance oil. Because we believe that certain essential oils can be more harmful for the environment, than their synthetic counterpart.

Since acquiring even just one bottle of essential oil requires an incredibly large amount of plant material. It takes about 242.000 rose petals to get approximately 5 mL of rose essential oil.
Why even use scent? It’s fun, and can make the experience more enjoyable, but don’t worry unscented soap are available.


Learn more about each of our soaps here


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