Zero Waste | Skincare Set 1 Pack of Reusable Facial Rounds + 1 Face Cloth pack + 1 Washing Bag Size S

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Sewn in Denmark

Reusable facial rounds             Washing bag

and cloths

45 % Lyocell                              50 % Organic Cotton

55 % Hemp                                50 % Cotton

100 % Cotton Thread              100 % Cotton Thread

100 % Cotton Cord


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This set contains 1 pack of our reusable facial rounds of your choice (soft, coarse or mixed), 1 pack of our face cloths and one washing bag in size S. This set is great for beginners or as a gift because contains everything you would need to get started on your zero waste skin care journey. Save 2,5 € on this set.

You get:
1 x 10 Reusable facial rounds of your choice
1 x 2 Face cloths
1 x Cotton washing bag (size S)

The rounds are 7 cm / 2.75 inches in diameter.

The cloths are 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 inches


Since they are made from natural materials colour and feel can differ from fabric batches eg. weather can change the base colour of the crops, but they are always made from the same material.

Learn about the different variations here:




More info on the washing bag here:

Washing Bag


Wash and Care

The rounds should be washed in warm or hot water with soap/laundry detergent after each use (preferably in the washing bag) to make sure all bacteria are killed. They can either be air or tumble dried, make sure they are completely dry before placing them in any container. Pilling and discoloration can happen over time.

While these are reusable they will not last forever, but with good care they will live long enough to prevent a lot of waste and save you some money. Since they are 100 % biodelgradeabe they can be composted at the end of their life.


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Reusable Facial Round

Soft, Coarse, Mixed


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