Produce Bag or Washing Bag Size M

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Sewn in Denmark

100 % Organic Cotton

100 % Cotton Thread

100 % Cotton Cord



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A cotton mesh bag with a white cotton drawstrings. Can be used as a reusable produce bag when shopping to replace single use plastic bags. It can also be used as a washing bag, to help you wash your reusable facial rounds, or other delicate items, by making sure they will not get lost in the washing machine. Made from an organic cotton canvas and a cotton mesh to keep your items safe while still letting air and/or water through.


About 20 cm x 23 cm or 7.9″ x 9″

How to use (washing bag):

Place your used facial rounds in the bag, pull the strings tight and tie a bow to make sure the bag does not open during wash.It can also be used for other delicate items like bras, underwear etc.

The bag can also be used to store clean or used facial rounds in between washes.

How to use (produce bag):
Bring it with you when you go shopping, and fill it up with your fresh fruits, veggies nuts, pasta or other packing free items.
Should not be used with small grains or powders like sugar, flour or small seeds, as they will fall through the mesh.

Also available in a smaller size here:


Reusable facial rounds are sold separately.

Please note that all items are handmade, and no two pieces will be totally alike.

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