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24 Day Advent Calendar 2022

Handmade in Denmark


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If you love the fun of an advent calendar but can justify the waste and the bad value most calendars give, this is for you. Pre-order now and save €5, pre-order price €125 regular price €130, value €160. Pre-order before October 16th 

Orders will ship late October, so you should have it in your hand well before December.


Enjoy December with a 24-advent calendar featuring some of our bestsellers in mini versions and a few new and full sizes. It’s a perfect way to try out our range of products and scents with a bit of added fun.

It contains a selection of soaps, scented candles, and textile toiletries.


How is it sustainable?

It’s made from a reused outer box and self-produced smaller boxes made to fit the products, in recycled cardstock. No gimmick or over the top pop-ups, and no plastic, just good products you can enjoy.

You can reuse the empty boxes next year and make your own calendar to gift to a friend or yourself.

Like everything we make this calendar is made with lot of thought and love and we hope you will enjoy it.


STOP READING if you don’t want to know the content of this calendar.




This box contains:

1. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Cozy & Calm)
2. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Sweet Pomelo)
3. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Night Garden)
4. Reusable Facial Rounds 5 pack (Mixed)
5. Washing Bag (S)
6. Scrunchie (Natural dye)
7. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Black Out)
8. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Earth Tones)
9. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Cozy & Calm)
10. Reusable Facial Rounds 5 pack (Soft)
11. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Night Garden)
12. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Gentle Rose)
13. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Clean Linen)
14. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Ocean Vibes)
15. Reusable Facial Rounds 5 pack (Coarse)
16. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Ocean Vibes)
17. Organic Cotton Soap Saver Bag
18. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Just soap, Unscented)
19. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Black Out)
20. Mini Soap bar 45g (Lemongrass & Ginger)
21. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Lemongrass & Ginger)
22. Mini Soap Bar 45g (Pink Salt & Charcoal,
23. Face Cloth 2 Pcs
24. Tin Candle 100 g (Warm Spices)





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