Tea Tree & Mint Salt Soap Bar

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Handmade vegan hand soap scented with organic tea tree and peppermint essential oil

Made with:

Saponified organic coconut oil, organic olive oil & organic rapeseed oil (from Denmark)

Sea Salt

Black & green clay

Organic essential oils

Weight approx.: 90 g.

**For external use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use**


4 in stock

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Introducing our Tea Tree & Mint salt bar soap, our first soap made with essential oils.

Since launching our shampoo bars certain essential oils have worked their way into our collection. While we still believe fragrance oils are the most sustainable option when it comes to scent alone, some essential oil can offer both a sustainable production chain and added skin benefits.

This soap is made with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic locally sourced rapeseed oil, and lightly scented with organic tea tree and peppermint essential oil.

Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good natural choice for acne-prone skin. While peppermint oil adds a cool and refreshing scent.

To enhance the skin-nourishing experience, we’ve incorporated a blend of black kaolin and French green clay into this formula. These clays are rich in minerals and known for their detoxifying and purifying effects, and can help to cleanse and revitalize the skin.

Fine sea salt is added to our soap to ensure it remains solid and long-lasting, even with daily use, while giving a mild exfoliation.

Crafted in small batches in our studio, it’s a vegan-friendly choice that contains no palm oil.

Each bar is a unique creation because the nature of soap crafting guarantees that no two batches or bars will look alike.

Scent: Tea tree and peppermint essential oil

Packed in: Recycled paper.

How to use it:
Wet the soap or your hands briefly under the tab.
Lather up in your hands and rinse.
Store on a soap dish to let it dry between uses, this will make it last longer.

All our soaps can be used on the body as well as the hands. But we recommend our salt soaps for the shower as they will last much longer.

Our soap philosophy:
We aim to makes soap that are great for you as well as the planet, by using as few non-local oils and butters in out soap as possible.
This may make our soaps seem less “fancy” but we promise that our soaps won’t disappoint and will feel and work just as great.
We use skin safe synthetic fragrance oil. Because we believe that certain essential oils can be more harmful for the environment, than their synthetic counterpart. Since acquiring even just one bottle of essential oil requires an incredibly large amount of plant material. It takes about 242.000 rose petals to get approximately 5 mL of rose essential oil.

Why even use scent? It’s fun, and can make the experience more enjoyable, but don’t worry we also offer unscented options.


Sodium Cocoate(Coconut Oil)*, Sodium Oleate(Olive Oil)*, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Sodium Rapeseedate (Rapeseed Oil)*, Aqua, Glycerin**, Kaolin (Black Clay), Montmorillonite (Green Clay), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*, Mentha Piperita Oil*, CI 77288, Limonene**.

*Certified organic
**Naturally occurring


Got any questions about storing your soaps? Check out this blog post.

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