12 Days of Scented Candles

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12 Days of Scented Candles 2023

Handmade in Denmark


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Introducing our 12 Days of Scented Candles Advent Calendar, a fun an exciting way to count down the days. With 12 beautifully scented soy wax candles, including some of our bestsellers as well as some brand-new scents, not yet released. This calendar is designed to add a touch of warmth and wonder to your December countdown, bringing daily moments of relaxation and joy to your home.

The choice of when to start opening your 12-day calendar is entirely up to you and can depend on your personal preference and tradition. Here are three common approaches:

  1. Start on Day 1: This is the most traditional and common way to use an advent calendar. You begin on December 1st and open one window or compartment each day, leading up to the 12th day, which would be December 12th in this case.
  2. Start on the 12th Day: Some people prefer to use the calendar in reverse, starting on December 12th and counting down to Christmas Day, which would be December 24th. This can be a fun twist and a way to build excitement as Christmas draws nearer.
  3. Open Every Other Day: If you want to make the anticipation last longer, you can choose to open the calendar every other day. For example, you might start on December 1st and then open on December 3rd, 5th, and so on. This extends the joy of the calendar over a longer period.
  4. Double the Delight with a 24-Day Calendar: For a unique 24-day celebration, open your 12 Days of Scented Candles on one day and your 12 Days of Soap Bars (coming soon) on the next. This way, you’ll enjoy the festive scents and luxurious bath experiences, extending the holiday joy all the way to Christmas Day. Find both calendars on our website to make your December even more memorable.

The decision is up to you, and it can be a nice family tradition to figure out together how you want to use your advent calendar. Whichever way you go, it’s all about enjoying the excitement and holiday spirit.


Contains 12 x 50 g mini scented soy wax candles, each with a burn time of around 15 hours.

Why soy wax:

-It is made from a natural and sustainable source
– Burns extremely clean producing little soot.
– Easy to clean up with warm water and soap.
– Contains no animal or petroleum by-products (Vegan).



STOP READING if you don’t want to know the content of this calendar.





This box contains:

1. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Warm Spices)

2. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Bleack Out)

3. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Gentle Rose)

4. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Earth Tones)

5. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Piper Nigrum)

6. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Lemongrass & Ginger)

7. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Cozy & Calm)

8. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Gin & Tonic)

9. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Summer Night)

10. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Clean Linen)

11. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Lotus Blossom)

12. Mini Tin Candle 50g (Winter Forest)

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