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A solid soap bar is much more concentrated than its liquid counterpart, packing the same cleansing power into a compact form. This concentration suggests that a bar of soap has the potential to last much longer than its liquid counterpart.

Curious about getting some real numbers on it, I decided to make a little visual test.


The Test

The setting: 2-person household, soap located in the main bathroom

The soap: Our Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Soap Bar 90g

Week 1: The Fresh Soap
Week 2-4: Nothing like a new bar
  • I made sure the soap stood upright for as long as possible, to let it dry more evenly.
  • The scent is lovely and fresh.
Week 5-7: Still good to go
  • From week 5 the soap could no longer stand on a side.
  • It became rounded and thinner.
  • It’s always fun seeing how the patterns changes when you get deeper into the soap.
Week 8-10: Getting close to the end
  • The soap became thinner and smaller.
  • I was surprised it didn’t break yet.
  • The scent was still nice, but a bit less noticeable.
Week 11: The Final Chapter
  • A few days after the week 10 photo it became very thin ans finally broke.
  • I added the past pieces to the back of a new bar, otherwise it would have been completely gone by the end of that day.

It actually lasted longer than expected; while I expected 6-8 weeks, it went on for almost 11 weeks. Of course, several factors influence a soap bar’s lifespan.

This experiment took place in a 2-person household without children, focusing solely on hand use rather than in-shower application.

However, two key factors significantly impact soaps longevity.

Storage and Usage:

For a more in-depth read on soap storage, check out our previous blog post. But in short, your soap should be able to dry completely between uses, or at least as much as possible. Another quick note: Wash your soap dish before it gets sticky. Nobody likes a grimy soap dish!

The way you use your soap also matters. Many of us tend to overuse water when lathering up soap. However, the key is simplicity: briefly wet the soap or your hands, then lather up, if you want more foam, add more water.

Running the soap under the tap for an extended period not only wastes soap and water, but also saturates it excessively, prolonging drying time. The soap should not be dripping wet after use. If your soap dish is always wet you are using too much water.

If the soap is already wet from previous use, there’s no need to wet it again. Just apply the soap, wet your hands, and lather up.


Do you have any tips or tricks to make soap bars last longer? Share them below!

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