All our products are produced in-house at our workshop in Copenhagen. Most items are made on order to make sure nothing goes to waste.

All our clothing are made from a few roles of white/natural coloured fabric. 




When the pattern pieces are cut we try to waste a little as possible but since we do not use zero waste patterns, scraps are unavoidable.

The bigger scarps might be used in other designs like our zero waste sweatshirts. While the small pieces gets shredded into even smaller pieces, which can be used for e.g. pillow/teddy stuffing or even paper.      





We use 100 % cotton thread to make sure our products are 100 % biodelgradeabe and comes from a renewable source (with a few exceptions).






Any detail or stitch work are done and the pieces are assembled and sewn together 





The almost finished item are coloured to your choice with a fiber reactive dye and excess colour is washed out.





The items are dried and streamed and the labels are sewn in. Like the thread our lables are made from 100 % cotton

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