We only use high quality vegan and cruelty free ingredients. All of our candles are made with soy wax and synthetic fragrance oils in metal containers for easier shipping and recycling. All candles are tested, produced, packed and shipped by us in our small studio in Denmark.


Our ingredients
Soy wax

At the moment we only use soy wax in our candle production, as this is a better and vegan alternative to the traditional paraffine wax, made from mineral oil. This wax does not release any harmful particles when burned and is fully biodegradable. If you are new to soy wax you may notice the wax looking funny and darker after burning. This is completely normal and is really just an indicator that we are using 100% soy wax.

We are however always looking for new and more sustainable options, as soy wax does have its own environmental problems.


Fragrance oil

To us synthetic does not mean bad, many man-made products are in fact much safer and cleaner then their “natural” counterpart. Acquiring even just one bottle of essential oil requires an incredibly large amount of plant material. It takes about 242.000 rose petals to get approximately 5 mL of rose essential oil.

While bad synthetic fragrances can give a mean headache, a good quality oil will be almost indistinguishable from the real deal and just as safe. All fragrances are vegan and paraben free.


In our search for making the most sustainable candle we came across many good options, like recycled glass containers, stone or ceramics but all had a problem, weight. Not only are these options prone to breaking in shipping they are also heavy. We wanted a light and durable, and recyclable container that would have us stand out in the sea of glass candles. This thin stainless steel container was the perfect choice for us along with the smaller tin candle option.


We use a premium FSC-certified wooden wick from Lumetique for our 280 g candle that have a lovely crackling sound when burning. For our tin candles we use a coreless paper and cotton wick with stable and consistent burn and less tendency for mushrooming.


Caring for your candle

1. Safety first
Never leave a burning candle unattended, alone with kids or pets, and don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Be sure to place the candle on a heat safe surface away from draft and flammable materials.

2. Keep the wick trimmed
Before lighting , trim your wick by removing the charred wood from the previous burns leaving about 3-5 mm. Trim the wick using scissors or a wick trimmer for a clean and safe burn. If the wick dies out shortly after lighting it needs a trim, if the flame is too big it needs a trim.

3. Let it melt all the way
First time the candle is lit allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar to prevent tunneling, about 3 hours for our 200g candles. This is important for every burn but the first burn is especially crucial.

4. Don’t burn all the way
Stop burning the candle when approximately 10 mm wax is remining. Lighting a candle without enough wax can overheat the jar.

5. Reuse or recycle
When you finish the candle don’t just throw out the container, clean it and reuse it, get some ideas here. If that isn’t for you please recycle the container according to your local laws.

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