Undecided Copenhagen is the combinations of all my passions. The only thing I ever could decide on was that I that choosing one passion to work with for the rest of my life was impossible. – Pia


Undecided Copenhagen was started in the summer of 2017 by Pia Chan Andersen. A sustainable fashion designer with a BA from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).

Why Undecided?

A brand name is not easy to choose and choosing one that would summarize all I wanted to do was even harder. In the end, rather than viewing my indecisiveness as a weakness and a challenge, I decided to embrace it. I looked at it as an opportunity and a promise to never settle and to always evolve.

Nothing is set in stone except for our goal to make products that are as sustainable and desirable as we can possibly make them.


Sustainability | Our Textiles


Sustainability is a very important aspect of Undecided Copenhagen and something we always work on improving.

Our main focus is working with biodegradable materials, from renewable and sustainable sources, from the fabric to the threads, waxes, oils, dyes and additives.  

Working with the zero waste concept is also one of our top priorities. We try to minimize our waste as must as possible, we and try to use and reuse all fabric scarps,  so nothing goes to waste.


About | Our Candles


Our candles are hand poured in our studio in Denmark. They are made using high grade soy wax and safe vegan, paraben free,  synthetic fragrance oils.

As with any other aspect of our business we try to make our candles as sustainable as possible. By using plant based waxes and easily reusable or recyclable containers.

About | Our Soaps


Our soaps are handmade in our studio in Denmark. Made with organic oils and using the cold process method.

We try to make soaps that are both as sustainable as possible whiles also being fun.


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