Undecided Copenhagen was started in the summer of 2017 by Pia Chan Andersen. A sustainable fashion designer with a BA from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).

Undecided Copehagen strive to create items that are unique and different inspired by alternative sources for alternative people. We want the clothing to be something that reflect who we are while being both stylish and sustainable.

Why Undecided?

A brand name is not easy to chose and choosing one that would summarize all I wanted to do was even harder. So in the end instead of looking at my indecisiveness as a weakness and challenge, I said why not embrace it and look at it as an opportunity and a promis to never settle and always evolve.

Sustainability | Our Way

Sustainability is a very important aspect of Undecided Copenhagen and something we always work on improving.

Our main focus is working with biodegradable materials, from renewable and sustainable sources, from the main fabric to the neck label, zipper, threads etc.

Working with the zero waste concept is also one of our top priorities. We try to minimize our waste as must as possible, we and try to use and reuse all fabric scarps so nothing goes to waste.

Production | The Process

We produce all products at our own studio, from cutting the fabrics to dying the finished products.

Most items are made on order to reduces waste from unwanted products and to save space. This does result in a longer processing time but you will know that your item was made just for you.     

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